elmendorf jets etc.


Thanks to having a camera pass, there are actually a huge number of pictures taken whilst Jason was at the 90th FS at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska.  For many of them I won't really say much, as the information is self-evident.  Onwards  :)

As you can see from the above picture, the backdrop at Elmendorf is pretty.  Even more spectacular in the winter!

This picture is taken on the other side of the runway, the C-model side.  But it's the best one I'd selected that had the hills covered in snow  ;)


Here are a couple of 'special' tails.  On the left, a C-model, is the Wing Jet for Elmendorf (the 3rd Wing).  On the right, an E-mod tail for the Operations Group.  Note that in the red part of the tail flashes - the red being for the 90th - the flash also features the dice symbol...... the 90th being the 'Pair'o'Dice' squadron.

And on the subject of dice (which feature a lot in the following selection) here are some pictures from the 90th Ops Bar. First up is the door, complete with custom stained glass and altered light cover  ;)


Former (and current) Commanders get their name on the board.

Bit huge, that one, sorry.  But it's necessary to make out the detail - the squadron history board complete with bases, aircraft, and squadron name changes. 

Shiny gun, that one  :)

Speaking of fancy bits and pieces, how about some wheel hubs:


And some maintenance related bits and pieces:

Needs a lick of paint, that one  ;)

Somebody just left a wing lying around........

And this appears to be the screw that holds the whole plane together  :)


One weekend we had the camera pass and permission to, basically, have the run of the place! (This was not long before the increased security since Sept 11, 2001).  We were allowed to wander all over the parking ramps for the whole base, and so have some C-model pictures too:

Patch of the 12th FS - one of the C-model squadrons.

This is the 'kill' star from one of the C models, which shot down a MiG-29 during the Persian Gulf War known as Desert Storm (as opposed to the other Persian Gulf War, known as Iran vs. Iraq!) (Or the current one, known by many names). For those number-watchers amongst you, this came off the jet with the tailcode -125  :)

Here's a panoramic shot of 28 F-15Cs  :)  You'll need to scroll for this one!!

Also on the base are a few other flying types - a P-38, and the more naturally gifted aviators of the world.  You know, the ones that don't speak with their hands and tell you about themselves constantly:


And finally, a mix of pictures that are either from airshows, or are just generally pretty  ;)


That's about it!  Sorry about the lack of information, but if you have any questions, shoot us an e-mail.


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