Mountain home jets

....home and away


Here are some pictures of the 391st jets, both at home at Mountain Home AFB, and during short TDYs. If I can convince Jason to add expert commentary, then the page will be updated - for now, you just get me.  Sorry  :)

First of all, some of the jets featuring nose art from "Operation Enduring Freedom" in 2001:






And a few more taken on the MH flightline, including a bit of wildlife (and I don't mean the crew chiefs):

Jason went on a TDY to Hill AFB, home of F-16s and Mormons:

But it wasn't ALL hard work:

There was also a TDY to Tyndall AFB for "Combat Archer" - an arduous beach-side TDY that coincided with Spring Break!


"Combat Archer" involves the live firing of weapons - something that doesn't happen at home very often.  The crews fire at drones and at F-4 Phantoms that act as various kinds of targets.

The hunter and the hunted!

An arty shot of an F-4 there - not often you see one looking elegant  :)

That is a picture of the "Drone Shop" where the MQM-107Ds are recovered and repaired.

Early morning FOD walk  :)

And a few assorted shots taken in various locations:

As you can see, night-time burner runs are quite popular  ;)

And to end with, the Mountain Home AFB flight line looking at it's best  :)



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