Yes, there's a new European motor on the block!  Due to our need to go to different places at the same time, a second car was required.  We went "Old Europe" again, this time with a Peugeot previously owned by one of Jason's work mates. So, meet Pétain! No Pferdestärken this time, but rather 'puissances en chavaux"  ;)

Pétain is a 1993 Peugeot 205 XLD (that's diesel!).  So although it looks small enough to put in your pocket, it actually sounds like a tank.  There are a considerable number of miles on the 'clock':

And a suspicious stain on the driver's seat:

But hopefully all will be well.  The good thing about having such a small second car is that both actually fit side by side in our driveway!

Why Pétain?  Well, it has had a good record so far (was great in it's day, very good mileage, no major accidents) but it's now quite elderly, suspiciously wobbly, and you wouldn't really trust it not to turn on you and break down completely when pressured.  So the name was an obvious choice, really  :)


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