(a.k.a. 2004 Volkswagen Golf Mk5 S, 1.6L FSI, 114HP.  Shadow Blue if you're wondering)

(That's 115 Pferdestärke!!)(I love that word - K.)

Rest of car commentary courtesy of Jason.

So named for the man who supposedly designed the original Golf in the 60's... at least according to the commercial ads for the new Golf.  Actually, it's the name of the town in Germany where Golf factory is located.   Anyway, it's Karen's name, not mine.



One of those new-fangled "put a plastic cover over everything so they can't touch it" engines...

Quite spacious trunk/boot for a 5-door hatchback...

Lots of lights and gizmos.

And it comes with a velcro-backed, embossed, vinyl carrying case for a spare bottle of oil :)


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