The House and garden


Time for a change again  :)  Variety is the spice of life, and all that jazz (as long as you don't mind combining two sayings into one).  A bit of 'before' and 'after' comparison, and the latest lot of flower pictures.  Oh, and probably a few other bits and pieces.  As you can tell, I'm making this up as I go along!


First up, a comparison of the front garden.  First, above on the left, is the house and garden as it was the day we moved in.  Above and to the right is a picture of the front garden as of the following Spring...... after we'd put in the drive-side flower bed and the cherry tree burst into bloom  (can't take credit for that bit). 

You're enthralled with the front garden pictures, I can tell.  But now, what about the back I hear you ask? (One of the wonders of the Web is it's delusion-producing effect).  Here are a couple of 'before' and 'after' type examples  :)


There's a perspective change on the example above, so you have to work harder to appreciate the changes  ;)
The picture on the left was taken the day we moved in, the one on the right this Summer.



The pergola is almost dead-centre of the garden, just in front of the back hedge.  Once again the picture on the left was taken on the day we moved in.


The new gardens along the side.  Well, the back corner one is just an extension of the old garden.  The little one features Prince of Wales Feathers plants plus my Eucalyptus Formerly Known as a Potted Plant.  Like all of us, It needs some space  ;)

Next, a variety of flower pictures. Front, back, Spring, Summer etc. Plus a few of our garden visitors that are of varying levels of assistance.  No commentary necessary  :)











OK I lied about the 'no commentary necessary'.  The cat visits a lot, and is a real little attention seeker.  A kid in the street who was out riding his bike told us the cat was called Muffin, and although she didn't belong to his family, she quite often spent the night in their house!  So apparently she likes to share herself around the entire neighbourhood  ;)

I've left the next bit (mostly pigeon-related) as before.  For some reason the pigeon is popular  ;)  So:

Next up is the kitchen window (I hear you all say 'Wow, really? How exciting!').  Taken in early December, the lawn is still rather lush, and the plants have yet to lose their leaves (which most of the ones along the side there did).  The window is quite clear in this picture, but it usually has at least one big grey smudge on it where one of the local pigeons has decided to do bird-strike testing.  Considering that one of the local pigeon breeds approaches the size of a small chicken, the resultant "boom" can be heard throughout the house.  The worst part is you can see it's going to happen, as these pigeons are nature's C-5s.  Or perhaps Antonovs.  Or better yet, Spruce Gooses (Geese?!).  They lumber almost the length of the yard before getting airborne, and once clawing their way into the sky they have no chance of gaining enough altitude to avoid the house.  I'm surprised Darwinian theory didn't triumph here! 


After saying all that I had to go and find a picture of a similar bird.  Apparently they're called "Wood Pigeons" which is obviously derived from the fact they are thick as two planks.

This pigeon picture was taken by Steve Blain and is on his website:

For a recipe of "Wood pigeon with cider apple sauce and a confit of apples and shallots" go here:
And don't say "awwww".  If YOU had experienced a massive bulk of barely-airborne pigeon flying directly for you with only a pane of glass between you and a feathered Liverpool kiss, then.....then.... well just be glad you haven't!
(And no, I don't know what a 'confit' is either)

And finally for now, the plants in the hallway stairs.  First making an appearance as a house-warming gift from the landlords, they were looking decidedly ratty at one point before being rescued by the attentions of Mrs Durr.  Thanks to her, a new burst of healthy blooms erupted!




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