mildenhall and beck row


2005: I still haven't updated the text on this since we first arrived - it's on my 'to do' list!

When we first arrived in the area, we were put into temporary housing in the village of Beck Row.  This village is right outside RAF Mildenhall, and is mostly housing for the base, with farmland between it and other neighbouring towns or villages.  Whilst walking around the village one day, however, I saw a street that was named "Middleton Close".  At the entranceway to the street was a plaque saying it was named after a RAAF Flight-Sergeant Middleton, who was awarded the Victoria Cross postumously and buried in the nearby churchyard. (For those of you with no British-Empire type interest, the Victoria Cross is the highest award for valour in the military - for you Americans, it is somewhat akin to the Congressional Medal of Honour).

I went back a day or two later with the camera, thinking I'd find his headstone and take a picture.  I was surprised to walk around the back of the church and find a fully-fledged military graveyard, part of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.  It was beautifully kept, with lovely flowering plants for everyone there - a mixture of Brits, New Zealanders, Australians, and Canadians.  Here are a couple of pictures of it:


For more on how Middleton was awarded his VC, go here:

Whoever does the upkeep does a wonderful job, as you can see.





We went in to Mildenhall for a market day (held every Friday) and took a few photos.  Another beautiful day weather-wise.

They basically fill in all the gaps in the main part of the village centre with tents, and people come to sell.  There is a heavy emphasis on fruit, veggies, plants etc, but there are also 2nd hand books, some jewelry, candles etc.

Part of the main street

The 'market cross' which has apparently been there since the 1600s.  The site has been important longer, but the odd little structure dates from then.

A number of photos of and around the Mildenhall church.  Not sure whose church or anything, I haven't read that much about Mildenhall yet.


Apparently as the gravestones fall down in the main area, they move them  to run along the boundary walls, and keep the ground empty and lawn-like.

In other areas the graveyard runs right up to the houses....... I liked all the container plants at this little place.  A rather humbling daily view, too, I should think!!

Another couple of Mildenhall street-scenes.